During these uncertain times we will be implementing changes to our working practices in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe. 

Following the Government guidance published on 13th May 2020 we will be putting the following processes and provisions in place order to make our workplace COVID secure.

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  • We will contact you in advance of all works to ask you to confirm that no member of the household is showing symptoms of coronavirus or is self-isolating. If they are then works will be delayed. No cancellation fees will be payable in these circumstances.
  • We will contact you as soon as possible if we are unable to complete works due to showing symptoms of coronavirus or due to self-isolating ourselves. If this is the case then works will be delayed.
  • If during the course of the work being undertaken either the customer or ourselves develop symptoms of coronavirus then works will stop immediately and the government guidance on self-isolation should be followed by the affected party and their household. Payment for work undertaken will be due in these circumstances but no further charges will apply.
  • When working within your home we will ask you to please open, and keep open, all internal doors and that all surfaces and possessions have been cleaned with household cleaning products prior to us entering your property.
  • We will ask where possible that windows within the property are to be open while we are working.
  • Where possible we will ask that you provide us with hand washing facilities for use of entering your home or place of work, and at regular periods throughout the day. If you are unable to do so then please let us know in advance.
  • All our staff will be provided with personal hand sanitisers to be used throughout the day and will be provided with information on adopting appropriate hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • We will adopt and operate a buddy system and ensure that the same people work together when removing bulky items and furniture.
  • In order to minimise contact and as good social distancing practice we ask that you remain 2 metres apart from ourselves while we undertake work in your property or workplace.
  • At this time and in line with the guidelines we will NOT be able to offer a packing service for house removals.
  • You will NOT be able to travel in our vehicle during this time even where we have empty seats. This is to protect you and ourselves. If you need to travel between your old and new property please ensure you have made these arrangements in advance.  Please note that we will not carry a passenger in our vehicle under any circumstances during this time.

In order to further protect our customers we will also be:

  • We will clean the internal and external handles of the vans on exit and entry to the vehicle using approved cleaning products.
  • The frequently touched surfaces within the vehicle will be cleaned at the beginning and end of each day, and at frequent periods within the working day.
  • Our staff will practise good hand and respiratory hygiene measures at all times whilst at work.
  • Although face coverings have not been recommended to be worn as a matter of course, where it is not possible to practise social distancing; such as working in a confined space for a prolonged period, our staff will be provided with masks.
  • We will provide our own refreshments and will dispose of our own waste.
  • We will ask you to make payment by bank transfer or card in order to further reduce contact.
  • We will keep up to date with all advice as the situation evolves and will implement all advice as soon as is reasonably practical.

If you have any concerns at all then please do contact us.  Further guidance as published can be found at

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